Notes from the BoSox Club Luncheon - June 28, 2017

Veteran sports reporter Mike Dowling hosted a great luncheon.  He first spoke with Peter Abraham, of the Boston Globe.  Peter talked about the Sox team so far this season, with the unpredictable injuries and everything the team has been through.  Third base is a land of opportunity and Moreland is a great surprise at first.  He said the trade deadline is a busy time for a writer and he is expecting something to happen, perhaps with the focus on the bullpen and third. 

Twins broadcaster Dick Bremer spoke about being involved in baseball for 34 years ... and how the Twins gave the Sox Ortiz and got back lunch . He thanked Rico for beating the Twins in 1967.  The Twins also brought two pitchers as guests: Lefty Taylor Rogers, who is a real twin.  He has an identical brother Tyler in AAA with SF.  It is interesting to note that nine sets of twins played in MLB last year. Also attending was righty rookie (came up last week) Alan Busenitz, a small town kid from Farmington, GA known for being a guy with a pet chicken in his truck.  His family drove to Minnesota to see first game.

It was exciting to meet Red Sox Pitcher Robby Scott.  At age 27, last year he pitched his first 7 games without a run - a first since 1916.  He spoke about high school being a critical time to decide about a career.  He went to junior college, then FSU and hung in thru long stints in the minor leagues.  It was tough travel, hard work, and perseverence. 

Rico Petrocelli, always exciting to see and listen to.  He spoke about the attendance in 1965 being 8,000 per game ... growing to 21,000 in 1967.  Before '67 were "small crowds with guns and bows."  Rico is famous for hitting forty home runs in 1969, the third right-handed Boston Red Sox slugger with a 40-homer season, joining Jimmie Foxx (41 HRs in 1936 / 50 HRs in 1938) and Dick Stuart (42 HRs in 1963). All forty of Rico's homers were hit while he was playing shortstop, giving him the American League record for most homers in a season by a shortstop.  He spoke about his time playing with the Red Sox.  How players had off season jobs.  He and Mike Andrews were with Gibbs oil to get new business.  But after 1967, life changed.  They were heroes!  He said Yaz was unbelievable in 1967.  He hit pitches everywhere.  Rico's new book has stories of a great season and a great team.  

Thank you to Dave Hornfischer for the luncheon notes!

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