June 24 - BoSox Club Luncheon Report

Our luncheon guests on June 24 were Blake Swihart, Red Sox Catcher; Jared Porter, Director of Professional Scouting for the Red Sox; and former Red Sox Pitcher Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd.  Dan Roche, of WBZ, provided likely commentary as our emcee.

Blake Swihart was our first speaker.  Swihart went into spring training trying to make an impression, and he continues to do that.  Saying that AAA is all about the development, and that playing at Fenway is all about the win, he strives to get into the rhythm of the pitcher during every game he catches.  He loves playing in Boston and we congratulate him on his success so far.  A lot of people are rooting for him.

Jared Porter talked about the tough year, and the need to stay positive and optimistic.  He spoke about the draft when they strive to add the right pieces to the mix, and about how players adjust to being in Boston – some take longer.  Being in Boston is not an excuse, it's a challenge and a great thing.  He loves Brock Holt's natural ability combined with the mental part of the game.  Holt is a great athlete, is very versatile as a defender and is fun to watch.  He has great instincts; the guys that tend to surpass your expectations tend to have great baseball instincts.

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd was a special treat.  He is the first African American pitcher to go through the Red Sox organization to make it to the major leagues.  He pitched 272 innings in 1985 and was part of the great 1986 Red Sox team.  He talked about being able to read bat swings, and about not throwing extra pitches.  He spoke about his different types of change ups, and how he had a very disciplined attitude in being able to locate the ball.  He had one walk in 1000 innings.  It's about going out there and getting guys out.  The 1986 team didn't start showing the full depth of their talent until around the all star break.  The veteran players stepped up and took control.  His explanation about "hot tub!" was hilarious!  He said to keep the faith.  We have really good players right now.

Our luncheon ended on the best note possible, with the poetry of Dick Flavin ... "those were the good ole days!".  See you on July 8th!

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