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Seven boys attended the Nike Baseball Day camps held at Milton academy and five girls attended the overnight Revolution Camp at Springfield College (we had several girls unable to attend). We ask all the campers for feed back from their experiences and here are some excerpts:

“I feel so appreciative and grateful about being able to attend...I learned a lot. I feel so much more aware of the game…I loved the time I spent there.”   Phoebe

“…I am 13 years old. This was my first time attending this activity.  It was an awesome experience; the coaches were nice to work with. For me, I believe I am better and faster at batting. My team was supportive, which I appreciate because they were older...”      Ismoirah
“Have you ever been given an opportunity you really needed at the perfect time? The revolution was that perfect opportunity for me…I believe that the counselors were the main people who made the camp one of the best sports experiences of my life. Softball at the camp was like what I learned at home but elevated…Being able to go through this experience was something I will never forget…”     Nia

“Revolution Softball Camp was a great experience…I am much more confident in playing softball in so many ways that it's more fun and more exciting…I had a wonderful time, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of it.”    Sabine

“…I am a sophomore from Lawrence high school. I arrived from Santo Domingo a year ago. I had the opportunity to go to Nike sport camp and I liked it very much, the fields are beautiful  I met coach…who helped me learn how to hit the balls outside and fundamentals which helped me to enter the fall ball with more ease skill."    John

“…(I’m) from Lawrence high school thank you very much for allowing us to practice with you …my mom is very proud because I learned many things with you, you treated us very well and I thank you for that and I had a lot of fun…"    Mario

“…I am a sophomore in high school, and I want to say that I loved the experience, and I loved the staff in that camp there were all fun to be around and amazing teachers …The benefits to going to a place like Nike camp are very great you get to meet very skilled coaches and get to refine the weaker aspects of your game…and I’m very thankful for the opportunity…”  Jesus

“…. I’m a sophomore of the LHS. I’m currently 16 years old. I appreciate having the opportunity to go to Nike sport camp, I liked the fields, the way the teachers taught, they taught me how to play my secondary base and to hit, and in my primary position is pitcher they taught me mechanics…Thank you for helping me fix the mechanics because I’m doing well in fall ball.”   John

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