BoSox Club Author Speaking Event a Success!

The Red Sox provided a display of '67 Red Sox artifacts thanks to efforts by Pam Kenn and Sarah Cofflin.  There was coverage by the local town paper, which included a front page picture of Bill Nowlin, Herb Crehan and board member Chuck Beauregard holding a BoSox Club poster, along with a photo of  a special celebration cake designed with the Red Sox logo and the BoSox Club 50th anniversary logo.  A local cable station also taped the entire program for a local broadcast at a later date.  We will try to get a copy of the broadcast uploaded here soon.

Herb Crehan gave a terrific presentation on the 1967 season in review and brought back many memories for everyone, while referencing his newest book, "The Impossible Dream 1967 Red Sox Birth of Red Sox Nation".   Then Bill Nowlin discussed his stories and memories of the '67 season, and referencing his book about that season, the SABR book, "The 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox, Pandemonium on the Field.  Door prizes drawn for current BoSox members in attendance, followed by a Q & A which Bill and Herb that continued to entertain the group.

Dick Flavin made a surprise appearance in the audience and received a good round of applause.  Everyone who attended appeared to have had  a good time, with many saying so as they went to leave.

The Reading Daily Times Chronicle covered the event and printed the picture below on their front page, "Bosox Club celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1967 team with a presentation at the library Wednesday. (L-R) Herb Crehan- Author of the Inpossible Dream/ 1967 Red Sox Birth of Red Sox Nation, Chuck Beauregard- Membership Dir. BoSox Club, and Bill Nowlin author of The 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox. Those attending got to share a piece of the Red Sox cake. (Photos by Bill Ryerson)

Thank you to Chuck Beauregard for organizing a successful event.  And thank you to Herb and Bill for providing a wonderful event


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