Notes from the BoSox Club Luncheon - September 18, 2019

The luncheon opened with BoSox Club President Jim Parker introducing the head table.

This was followed by recognition of 3 military guests from the US Army.  There was an additional special military guest, who pointed out that one of the servicemen was wearing a unique uniform that was a 'thowback' to WWII.  She then presented the BoSox Club with a certificate of appreciation for all of their support throughout the years.

Dan Roche, Emcee, took the podium, and as he began his agenda, he was interrupted abruptly by a loud gentleman who had entered through the back doors, Dr. Charles Steinberg, President of the Pawsox.  He let members know that this is the 50th anniversary for the Pawsox, along with other information and playful joking with Dan.

Some of the buzz going around on this particular day was the excitement of the game coming that evening.  Carl Yastzremski was to be throwing the first pitch to his grandson, Mike Yastzremski, a rookie on the San Francisco Giants, who were playing the Sox at Fenway.  After Mike had hit a home run the night before, it was clear that he would be one to watch.

Dan started announcing some of the 2019 Champions awards.  No one has to worry about young baseball or softball talent; it was incredible to hear what some of the teams had accomplished this year!  They joined Tommy Harper for photos, with smiles ear to ear.

After a long game the night before, Mitch Moreland then joined the festivities.  Dan introduced him through his baseball stats, and a very long list of charitable efforts.  Mitch is recognized for his efforts in community endeavors, including "Christmas in July", during which Mitch and his wife Suzannah collect toys, arts, and crafts supplies for kids at Boston Children's Hospital; and as a member of the Home Plate Project, joining players from all 30 Major League teams working with local organizations to provide meals to children in need; participation in Red Sox kid's camps; the Childrens Hospital golf tournament; volunteering at the Greater Boston Food Bank; and visiting Boston Childrens Hospital on multiple occasions.

Mitch remarked on how important it is to give back to your community, and how special it is to him to be able to touch children and parents in the way that he is able to do.  He also recalled his time with the Rangers, which was close to his home in Texas.  He also loves his time in Boston and appreciates the fans and the excitement of the win.  He also apologized for being late due to needing to finish his laundry ahead of the next road trip. 

The 2018 World Series was fondly remembered, and Mitch noted how special the moment was for him, the team, and the fans.  President Jim Parker presented the Man of the Year Award to Mitch to great applause.  Following this, Mitch graciously signed autographs and took pictures with the attending members.  Fans also met with Tommy Harper, 1973 Red Sox MVP and leader on the team in stolen bases with 54, which held until 2009!

The awards ceremony resumed until all awards were accepted.

Dick Flavin took the podium and gave everyone a poem that was an ode to Carl Yastrzemski, in honor of the special time at Fenway happening for that family with their grandson in town.

A prayer was said for long time BoSox friend, wife of past president Bill Brooks and BoSox Club volunteer ~ Jean Brooks, who recently passed away.

The raffle prizes were announced by Scott Cyr, followed by a brief intermission before Felipe Alou came back to the head table to address members with Gordon Edes and his co-author, Peter Kerasotis.

Felipe spoke about growing up with the Dominican Republic, coming to Major League Baseball (before the internet and cell phones), as well as his brothers also playing for the MLB.  Fate would have it that one season they would all play for the same team, which is appreciated more now, because it is such a rare occurrence.

The crowd stayed put, fascinated by everything and anything that Felipe wanted to talk about.  Lucky for us, Felipe had spent the night before with Pedro Martinez, who wrote the forward to his book, and Pedro had signed a limited number of copies of Felipes books that would be sold at the Bosox lunch.  Many stayed afterwards to purchase a book even though they did not anticipate purchasing one that day.  It was undoubtedly a pleasure to be in the company of a legend such as Felipe Alou.

~ by Amy Allen

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