Notes from the BoSox Club Luncheon - July 17, 2019

While members enjoyed a buffet of famous Fenway Park food choices, the mic was passed to long time Sox radio voice, Joe Castiglione, who introduced Blue Jays announcer and former Toronto catcher, Buck Martinez, along with catching and defensive coach John Schneider.  Joe was flashing his 2018 World Series ring, in which Buck took the opportunity to get a close-up look at.  John Schneider participated in this year's home run derby by pitching for Vlad Guerrero Jr, and discussed the importance of throwing strikes that Vlad would be able to hit since it is a timed event.  John did a great job and enjoyed every minute of doing so, and although Guerrero may not have won the derby, he put on an incredible performance and achieved a single-Derby-record 91 home runs.  Both spoke glowingly about the Sox team while Xander Bogaerts looked on.

Joe then introduced Bogaerts and called him the most engaging interviewee he's worked with over the years. They spoke about his all-star experience and successes with power hitting.  Xander managed to get in several "plugs" for his beloved island of Aruba.  He discussed growing up on the "ABC" Islands playing ball with his twin brother, the challenges they faced and decisions they made that opened up the opportunities to play baseball professionally (both played for the Red Sox), and how grateful he is to everyone who supported him along the way.

After addressing the crowd, Xander was most accommodating as he posed for pictures and signed autographs for all members.  Joe Castiglione was also happy to sign autographs and speak with fellow Sox nuts.  The State Street Pavilion offers a beautiful view of the park, and in the middle of the day, we are able to see it operating in a different way than we are used to when we visit for a game.  Without the crowds, and hustle and bustle, one can find a quiet seat outside the air conditioned room, and take it all in while gazing out over the green monster, the same in which the honored guest hit a home run over the night before.

~by Amy Allen and Dave Cook

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