Campership Essays from the Boys!

Adrianne, Age 13.  I would say persistence, because I think it is the best way for me to learn how to play baseball - by fighting my fears of the ball and communicating to people with a louder voice, especially that this is my first year of playing baseball. I am really looking forward to learning and playing baseball, which is the sport that I have never done. Persistence would be the best way for me, because that is how I learn every time we have practices. I would try and try to persevere myself to achieve something, either a small or a big thing, such as throwing, catching, communicating and speaking loud. I am not really good at those things; but I know I need to improve them. I would always listen to everyone's advices, my coaches and my team mates, then I would try to apply everything they said to me so that I can improve myself. But if something from others still did not work for me, I would find my own way while just staying patient and strong instead of giving up. I would consider myself as a persistent, soon the best player of baseball, because I will never give up. Instead, I will restart, resolve, and experiment in order for me to correct, understand, and achieve something.

Maleek, Age 13.  I have been playing baseball since 6 years old and why I love baseball is because it's in my blood to play baseball. I like being a team player and being a leader. Baseball helped me through the toughest times in my life and it helps me push through. My dream is to go to the MLB and I am determined to go to the MLB and nobody is going to stop me. A quote that I always say for baseball is "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard". I love competition and I love to hear that baseball hit the mitt and the white foul line and the green cut grass. I compare my attribute of being a leader to Jackie Robinson because I love showing sportsmanship to my team and making sure they're comfortable and not afraid to speak up and I like motivating people to do better on the field and off the field. I like to show sportsmanship to other players because it matters to me how they feel. We could lose by 15, but I still have to keep composure and be the true Jackie Robinson I am because I know when I go to the MLB I am going to face challenges, but I'm still going to push through like Jackie. I imitate the true greatness of a fighter and a leader, Jackie Robinson. I see myself as Jackie Robinson because I have a lot of persistence towards baseball and determination. I don't let anyone get in my way and stop me, and another quote is "know your job do your job". Being a leader you have to be confident and make sure your team is ready no matter what, and teach them new techniques and whenever they're down pick them back up make sure your team is just like your family. Make sure you start a battle and end it. Jackie Robinson started a battle and finished. People have to act like Jackie or think like Jackie. I make sure my energy is higher than others and make sure I'm consistent by being supportive and helping out teammates and helping them through their toughest times. Jackie most times felt alone or trapped by the white people saying things to him. Jackie Robinson has been through a lot just being black. But one thing Jackie did was making his family proud; it was a struggle but he always stayed committed playing in a league being the only black person in the league. He pushed through; so what I'm going to do is the Jackie way and push through by showing the 9 values.

Xavier, Age 16.  I plan on using courage, teamwork, and determination as a couple of Jackie Robinson's nine values. I plan on using these to make myself better as an aspiring baseball player. I'm going to use courage while attending this camp by putting myself out there with other baseball players that I don't know, and playing and progressing with them. I want to learn how to be bolder and confident not only as a player but as a person, and I think attending this camp will help me with that by putting myself in a position to get to know new people and make friends. I'm also planning on using teamwork because during my school season I seen a lot of good players, but their sportsmanship was not good. So I want to work more on that so I can be the best player I can be. I plan on using determination by pushing myself to the limit and continuing to work hard for the full experience of this Nike baseball camp. I've been playing baseball since I was twelve years old and I gave up a little because my mindset was not ready but now I'm committed to making myself the best that I can be. Overall all I ever wanted to do was be committed to something in my life so that I can actually have a goal/dream to give me drive and now I'm giving baseball my all and I honestly believe this Nike camp is going to push me to go harder and that's what I need and want. My life has been hard for me in multiple ways and using baseball as a way to get out of when I'm feeling down has been great therapy to me. This way it gives me the drive that I need to push myself to make myself a better player/person in general. I went to the Dominican Republic for a couple of months to practice baseball and go to school and while I was out there I observed that they push their players the most and I want that same push from this camp. I'm going to use this camp as a tool to make myself better. I will use justice to make sure that all of the work I will put out, will be reflected in how I play. I will give practices my all, warm-ups my all and pay attention to what the coaches and staff say to me. I will learn this and apply it to, my game, improving me, not only as a player but as a person as well. I will use commitment to commit myself to build my skills and developing as a player. Finally, I will use excellence to make sure I'm pushing myself towards it. I will push towards this and not give up until I achieve just that, excellence.

Carlos, Age 16.  I plan on using all of these core values to improve myself overall as a player. I will become a better player to move myself up to secure a Scholarship, hopefully to a Division 1 or 2 College. The best player that I can become. Pushing myself to put me in the position to compete with kids all around the world. Determination so that I can push myself to a new limit. I am so passionate about this because every second someone is working harder and harder. While someone is lying down, somebody is working to take your spot. I have high Baseball dreams. I want to take this sport as far as I possibly can in life. Teamwork to make team communication better effective and smoother. I've been in situations where balls have been missed, played off of bad communication. Hopefully, I will be given the tools to use this in a future situation. I will then apply these newly developed tools. Not only in baseball but in real life as well. In everyday situations on and off the field. I will use persistence to never give up even in the face of new difficulty. I have to be persistent to compete with others. That persistence will give me the fire, will power to overcome others who want to be in the same spot that I am working to achieve. I will use Integrity, by staying true to myself, knowing that there are no shortcuts for success. Every time I'd work on something I will make sure to do it to the best of my capability. I will use justice to make sure that all of the work I will put out, will be reflected in how I play. I will give practices my all. Warm-ups my all and pay attention to what the coaches and staff say to me. I will learn this and apply it to, my game, improving me, not only as a player but as a person as well.

Alberson, Age 15.  I plan on using determination at this camp. I plan on using determination by working as hard as possible to become a better player than I am right now. I also plan on being determined to being helped as much as possible that includes on my swing, fielding, throwing, and base running. This shows that I'm determined to become a better solo baseball player and become a better teammate as well by passing on what I learn to others. I also plan on being a committed by staying through this whole camp and be committed to learning new things.

Xavier, Age 16.  One of Jackie Robinson's nine values that I plan on implementing is persistence. When someone asks me what one of my defining qualities are, this is one word that immediately comes to mind. It is my personal belief that having this core quality leads to building a hard work ethic, and with a hard work ethic yields great results. As an athlete it is important to the 3 P's: persist, prevail and practice. Without even just one, an athlete is bound to fail. Without making the losses into lessons, one cannot succeed, without practice and trying to get better. Without prevailing, one is constantly losing. Continuously creating one's own path and craft as an athlete will almost be one humblest moments. As a competitive athlete as myself I work hard to keep pushing myself even as the odds are against me. As my losses have turned into wins I can prove myself every time. I believe I use persistence as an athlete and personally because I have lost so many times. I haven't always gotten the positions I have wanted, I haven't always gotten MVP, I haven't always gotten awards that I wanted, and I haven't even felt invited to places. But as I concentrated on the positives, negatives, strengths and weaknesses I continuously grow as a person. As I dig deeper into my goals and my inner channel I manifest the super player in me. By pure determination I continuously fight my own demons. As a through every fast ball I threw away negative thoughts and people, as I swing my bat I'm releasing energy.

Nicholas, Age 16.  Teamwork- Playing as a kid it was usually individual goals I was focused on. As I have gotten older and especially in high school, I have learned the importance of team work. Teams are able to build each other up. I try to always be a good team mate. I play wherever needed. I am always looking for way to grow and get better. Every one of these 9 nine values can be used in the game of baseball.

Eribel, Age 15.  One of Jackie Robinson's nine values I plan on using at the camp is excellence. I particularly like this value because I believe excellence is key. I believe that in order to be great you have to strive for excellence in everything that you do and realize that striving for excellence won't always get you where you want to go but instead it'll challenge you. You'll have to overcome many hardships and it's also commitment that allows you to do so which is another of Jackie Robinson's values. I know that to achieve excellence I'm going to have to do a lot and I'm going to have to put in the work and I'm ready for it. Not only am I ready but I'm also willing. In a game where you fail more than you succeed I am willing to strive for excellence and succeed more than I fail whether it be in the field or off of it because it is bigger than baseball.

Yadrian, Age 15.  Growing up watching my father play baseball was the key that opened my eyes to the world of baseball. As I grew older and began to understand the game, I started taking interest in the game, by doing so I started asking my father about past players. He always mentioned Juan Marichal and Jackie Robinson, he always told me how he admired how Juan Marichal's determination to do better always inspired him when he took the mound, and that he loved the integrity and persistence of Jackie Robinson who had a whole nation rooting against him and yet never allowed racism and bigotry to stand in his way. Integrity is one of the tools that I value most about Jackie Robinson and that's the one tool that I will be applying upon myself when I'm on the field. No matter how many times I lose I'm never a loser. The difference between a winner and loser is how one would not give up. I have yet to do that and I'm willing to keep striving at the Nike camp.

Cristian, Age 13.  Jackie Robinson was and still is one of the most recognized baseball players. It takes a lot of potential and a certain type of morals to be a great memorable player. Jackie Robinson had some of those morals himself, those being, courage, determination, teamwork, persistence, integrity, citizenship, justice, commitment and excellence. One of the values that stand out to me the most of teamwork. Teamwork is one of my favorite values. It provides every team player with the opportunity to bring to the game their best qualities and put it to work with the other team mates. Teamwork is a key component to achieve the ultimate performance in the field. Being in this program is another step in growing my skills. I will use the knowledge I learn from the camp to help consistently push myself as an athlete. Helping me throw faster on target, using better skills from base running and hitting can all be analyzed and worked on at the camp. Pushing myself to keep working at what I'm bad at could help me improve as a baseball player, which could essentially bring me to be professional baseball player in college or elsewhere. I plan to use teamwork in this baseball camp as well as I do in the field. I will work together with my team in the field and out, to learn from each other, have fun and learn new skills together.

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