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My name is Avery. I am 13 years old and play softball for the RBI league on the Dorchester Rangers. I got into the revolution softball camp by playing softball for RBI. Softball camp was very fun and exciting, I got to meet new people get better at a sport I love. Thank you to the BoSox Club for letting me attend. When my parents found out we got in they didn't tell me they knew that I would be nervous and wouldn't want to go, sooner or later I found out but because my coach from softball was talking about it with my sister. In public I pretended that I knew and that I was ok with it. When I got home it was a different story I was freaking out I felt like I was going to get sick I was so nervous, I thought none of my friends were going just me and my sister so I thought oh god I'm going to hate it was still about 2 weeks till I had to go but I was the luckiest girl in the world and one of my best friends got in the last minute 10:00 the night before and surprised me in the morning.

When I found out I was so relieved and happy it was really funny. When I got to gate D at

Fenway I started to get nervous and scared. The first day of camp we didn't really play that much softball and we got our rooms I was so upset at first because I got a room with my sister and 2 strangers that weren't from RBI and I wasn't in a room with my friend . I was overwhelmed the first day and facetimed my mom already being homesick and said I didn't like it here even though I had so much fun we played games and got to know each other and I warmed up to camp and had the best week of my life and got better at softball met new friends it was a win. Camp made me step out of my comfort zone, usually I'm very shy and don't speak out and don't think I'm that good at softball. Camp gave me courage to do other things and believe in myself. Being at camp taught me teamwork when we would do relays or scrimmage.

Teamwork is one of the most important things of softball or any sport if you don't work as a team you don't win and believe me all kids like to win. Camp taught me to keep reaching our goals and keep trying to get better. I overcame one of Jackie Robinson 9 values courage, I used courage because I tried new things. Another one of the barriers I faced is determination my coaches taught me to stick to the sport and always work harder at softball to always get better. Also teamwork, it is probably the most important thing I learned and overcame. So at camp I overcame one or more of Jackie Robinson's 9 values at camp.


Hello, my name is Lauren and I am going into the eighth grade. I am currently thirteen years old. I currently play softball in the U14 RBI league for the Dorchester Rangers, last year I played in the U12 league and the head coach of the teams is Dan Clark.

My sister and I just started playing organized sports a couple years go. I used to be scared and too shy to go on the field. Softball was one of the two sports that I actually loved to play. Playing softball has helped my sister and I with many different things, softball included and not softball included.

We all go to camp to get better, right? Does people being better than you sometimes prevent you from thinking of you getting better? The barrier I overcame at camp was being able to not let the thought of people being more skilled than you prevent you from trying your best. At camp, instead of feeling bad about myself, I realized why I was there, to get better. Most girls at camp were on club teams and had practice more than I did. Then I realized if you just practiced more, even if it is not with my team, you can be as skilled at softball as those girls were, anybody can! Something that helps majorly at getting better at things is having confidence and being positive. I have been known from my coaches to be doubtful and unconfident in myself. Then I learned if you think positive you have a higher chance of something positive happening. If you think negatively and are not confident in yourself something negative is more likely to happen. It is all in your head.

To overcome the barrier faced at camp I used two of Jackie Robinson's values, courage and determination. Courage as in, the ability to do something that frightens one. Courage was used to overcome this barrier when I was afraid of being embarrassed that I wasn't as good as everybody at camp. The courage helped me make new friends and try my absolute best. Determination as in a firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end. During camp I was determined to get better at softball and be courageous. Softball camp doesn't only help you get better at softball but it helps you out socially. My first overnight camp was the best opportunity I have ever gotten and I had learned many things and overcame things that will help me a lot in life overall.

The Revolution camp was the first overnight camp that I attended.  I had many new experiences and made a lot of new friends.  I am so glad that the BoSox Club and Red Sox offered this opportunity.  I had so much fun and I would love to go again and master my skill in softball. Although I didn't use teamwork to overcome my barrier I learned that it was an important part of softball or any sport. The relationship and communication that you have with your teammates is something special and can help you win games.

Thank you!


My name is Caroline and I am 12 years old.  I was born and raised in Dorchester and attend school at the Boston Collegiate Charter School entering the 8th grade.  I was so excited for the opportunity to attend the summer softball camp at Assumption College! Thank you Red Sox Foundation RBI and the BoSox Club, I had so much fun and learned a lot!

I live in a multi-generational home with my mom, dad, two brothers, a little sister as well as my grandmother who I call Mamo!  My Mamo and I have always been close, I loved baking with her and hearing her stories about moving to America from Ireland. When I was 8 years old, the doctors said my Mamo has a disease called Alzheimer's.  Alzheimer's is disease where a person experiences memory loss and as it gets worse with time, they have a hard time doing daily routines and even having a conversation. It has been so hard watching the changes in Mamo, she has mood swings, she sees things that are not there and gets sad a lot.  I love her so much that I never want her to feel sad or alone, so I always still take time every day to sit with her and talk even when I want to play with my friends. She was happy to know that I was going to camp to get better at softball. But I still miss her and the way she use to be. I am learning to have a lot of patience with her. Patience is a very good thing to have when you are on a team. I had patience with my teammates at camp.  When others were learning new skills or had an error I made sure that I did not get mad and told myself that everyone is learning.

One of Jackie Robinson's values is commitment, I am glad that I have learned this from my Mamo and how important commitment is in our family!  We are committed to taking care of her. The commitment we have for Mamo is something I use in softball.  I am committed to being a great teammate and a great athlete. My mom and her siblings talked about putting my Mamo in a nursing home but we all agreed to keep her home for as long as we can. It was tough to leave her for a week but I'm so glad I got to go to camp. I loved the summer softball camp at Assumption College. It allowed me to use patience and be with other girls who are committed. I have learned some great things and this camp that I will use on and off the field.

Jackie Robinson's words of wisdom "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives".


Hi, my name is Makayla. I am now 12 years old going to the 7th grade.  I am a Catcher for the Jamaica Plain Angels with Coach Nick and assistant Coach Liz.  My biggest barrier before going to softball camp was actually catching. Even though I am a Catcher and felt like I was catching the right ways once I got to Revolution Softball Camp, I noticed one of my biggest mistakes.  I was not doing the right foot work!

On the first day of camp we only picked up a ball once!  Even though this sounds crazy because we are at a SOFTBALL camp.  It was actually really helpful. The first thing we worked on was force out footwork. This really helped out with making sure I am in a position to catch the ball. They taught us a lot, but three rules about catching. Nose to knuckle, butt below the ball, and knees take you to the ground. All these steps I got the hang of, but I struggled a little bit with.

I knew about nose to knuckle from the previous year, but I didn't quite understand butt below the ball.  The first time I tried it I bent all the way down and cracked my back. Me and my partner started laughing.  After watching other people and the coaches explain it a little bit more, I finally started to get it. As we progress throughout the day I started to understand it more and more.  Now I understood that I would have to bend down to catch the ball instead of catching it below my butt and having to reach for it.  This helped me make accurate catches and helped me actually catch the ball instead of it falling out my glove.

The next step was knees take you to the ground.  Now this one I didn't really understand what it meant.  Did it mean make sure you get on the ground my staying on your knees first?  I wasn't really sure.  The first time I did it, swatted then looked at what everybody else was doing then changed my position. The next time I stood back and just watched what everybody was doing. The third time tripped but kinda got into the position. The last time I did it but the coach told me I was facing the wrong direction I was so close to getting it that way. During the water break I started practicing it and I'm pretty sure I got it.

During the next part of the day I kept practicing because I was determined to finish what I started.  While everyone else was focusing on making accurate throws.  Instead I made sure I was committed to making sure I had my catching footwork down. After getting my catching footwork down I started doing it faster.  As I kept persevering I notice all the different ways to catch accurately. This put me in a position that can throw accurately and make sure I can get back to chopping my feet after and be ready to catch again. This really help me out with throwing and catching.  I am finally able to catch accurately all due to my determination and perseverance to keep practicing and to never give up

I would love to do it personally but I want to give a special thanks to the Bo Sox foundation for giving me this awesome opportunity.  This was very fun and helped me catch a lot better in games and can set up to throw to first.  It was an awesome week.  It was fun the food was good and I don't regret a moment I was there. Thank You!


From Izabelle ~ One of the barriers I have faced was calculating where the ball was going once it was hit and running towards the ball and catching it in time! One of Jackie Robinson's values that I used to overcome that barrier was Courage. Courage helped me overcome my barrier because when I see or hear the ball coming towards me, I freeze, and it takes me a second to figure out what to do, I either get the ball in time but fumble it in my glove/hands and throw it badly or I react way to late and miss the ball. Courage helped me because when I went to Revolution Softball Camp, I learned that the ball won't hurt you unless you block it and once you hear the clang of the bat always move back and if the ball is headed to a base near you (right field=first base) You help and back up the base if someone over throws the ball. Also, when you know the ball is not heading in your direction, help out the outfielder if they miss it and back them up. Another thing I learned was to never move forward first, always move back. I learned that if you have courage, you won't be afraid of the ball and you won't be worried of making a bad play, worry about bringing that ball in and out of play/stop the play from continuing.

I finally had the courage to not block my face from a fly ball and not seeing where it was going. I also, finally had the courage to put my entire body to block the ball from going behind me. If I did not have the courage to not block my face from a fly ball, I would have let a lot of the balls go by me or hit me. My catching/defense has improved ever since I had the courage to not be afraid of the ball.

Another one of Jackie Robinson's values I used to help overcome my barrier was determination. One way I used determination to overcome my barrier was that I never gave up on learning how to catch, how to stop the ball, and how to bring the ball in quickly. I also used determination to help overcome my softball barrier because I never stopped practicing and trying to learn more, I never stopped watching MLB players and what the players do in the outfield. Even when I would drop the ball or make a mistake, I wouldn't beat myself up for it or give up immediately. No matter what I pushed myself to do better, KNOWING I can do better and improve overtime. In other words, I was very determined to learn and to improve no matter what.

With courage I learned to become brave and not worry about getting somebody out at a base, to worry about not getting a run in. With determination I learned to always push yourself for success or improvement. I also learned to be tough and to never give up and to continue trying even when times are tough or a softball game is tough. I learned so much from the Revolution Softball Camp, for my improvement in fielding, I give that to the Revolution Softball Camp for teaching me so much! Thank You, The BoSox Club for making it happen and helping me improve! Couldn't have pushed myself more without the camp or the BoSox Club! Thank You!

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