Campership 2017 - Girls' Essays

Brisa, age 11, grade 6 ~ Throughout my softball camp experience I faced many barriers but one of them was practicing every single day. The Jackie Robinson value that I used was teamwork, persistence, commitment, and determination. The way I used persistence was that I never gave up.  This experience was really fun and I hope I could do this again.

Cielo, age 13, grade 8 ~ During my experience at softball camp, I faced a lot of barriers, which I didn't know I can overcome. When I first started camp I was nervous I wouldn't fit in, since it was my first year playing softball and most girls at the camp would be more experienced. A barrier I faced at camp was batting. I really never knew the correct way to bat. Also, I didn't know they were going to teach us so I had to have courage. It turns out that if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything even with some hard challenges in the way. I actually learned how to bat and rocked at it. There wasn't any need to be nervous and think you'll suck while everyone is better with you. Even if you fail that doesn't mean you quit. It means you keep going until you see your true strengths. Everything is possible if we have determination. We all have barriers in life. Most things in life don't come easy. That's why we have Jackie Robinson's nine values that we use every single day. It helps make your dreams become a reality. But, if you run away from the problem it only increases.

Tiary, 5th grade ~ I have faced many barriers thought my life but I have learned to overcome most of them. A barrier that I have faced in my life was being away from home for a long period of time. I had to build the courage to be brave enough to leave my family and go away for a week to the Red Sox foundation overnight camp. I was nervous, afraid, and didn't know what to look forward to but thanks to my family and coaches and the workers at the camp I learned how to face these challenges. Another barrier that I have broken is that I had to keep going and playing softball but it was very difficult because I didn't know how to play that well so I had to keep working hard so now I am good at playing softball. As I keep working very hard and never stop trying I know can be as good as other players. I learned at the RBI camp that if you want something you have to work very hard for it, that's what I am doing in softball. I want to thank the Bosox club for letting me and my cousin go to the overnight camp so I can have more experience with softball and so when we play we can play better then we played before! THANK YOU BOSOX CLUB!

Makayla, grade 6 ~ I need to say a big "THANK YOU" to the BoSox Club for making this possible. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. It really helped me to learn from my mistakes. The rules I learned made me more confident and a better player.  I played so much better after Softball Camp that the Umpire gave me the game ball.  I know I still have a lot to learn, but Softball Camp put me on the right track to success and love for the game.  Thanks again, Makayla.

Nyalanie, age 9 ~ Hello my name  is  Nyalanie  and I want to thank  the Bosox for letting  me  and my cousin come to  your camp and get more experiences with softball in bating ,hitting, pitching, playing out In the field, and playing catcher. My barrier I broke was being away from my mom and family, having trouble sleeping at night because it was the first time I was not with her because I went to camp. My mom not being with me at camp made me sad because I am not used to being away from her.  She is a big person in my heart as well as my whole entire family. Being away from my mom and my family taught me that I can overcome any barrier in my life, as this was one of the most hardest things I have ever had to overcome. Overall it was a fun experience, and I would love to do it again next year. Leaving and being away from my mom and family helped me overcome my fear of separation.

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