Campership - Boy's Essays

Jayson, Grade 8 ~ It was a great experience and it was a fun experience as well.  I learned a lot more skills at batting and catching. Also paying attention more and being more focused on the game. I also made new friends from different parts of the state and learned how they play and what the difference between us and them. I also met some pretty cool and famous guys like Dustin Pedroia and many more pretty cool and famous guys. It was a very amazing experience and helped me overcome some barriers. Thank you BoSox Club for letting me attend the camp.

Xavier, Grade 9 ~ A value I learned was commitment, I used this because every time I struck out or made a bad play I could have quit but I didn't because I made a very important promise to my father that is not as close to me right now but he was obsessed with baseball and the first thing he told me when I said I wanted to play was, "It's not going to come easy, there's going to be times where you want to quit and you want to give up but you can't and I need you to promise me you won't give up." I made that promise because I wanted to play the rest of my life. So when I went to camp and I didn't give up once remembering my promise to my dad. I would not have learned this or so many other things if I didn't go to the Dustin Pedroia camp. I am very glad I got to go and hope to be a better player for my team at home. Thank you for the experience,

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