Bill Brooks Award for 2017!

In appreciation of Bill Brooks' many contributions to the club and his inspiring commitment to the charitable functions of the BoSox Club, the Bill Brooks "Good Guy" Award recognizes a 50 year club member of the BoSox Club.  A man of true grit and relentless integrity who always seeks to do the right thing and not the easy thing.  A man who stepped forward a decade ago when the BoSox Club needed a reconciler and a Patton-like leader to move the club forward to a brighter day.

Our 2017 Bill Brooks "Good Guy" award recipient is an American patriot having served 8 years in the U.S. Navy.  He is a one of a kind man for all Red Sox seasons and a goodwill ambassador for all things BoSox.  He is not a man content with hitting dribblers through the infield, but is the clutch hitter you want at bat swinging for the fences when it means the most for the BoSox Club.

For his consistent and exceptional devotion to the BoSox Club, his innumerable and immeasurable contributions to the BoSox Club as past president, as a director for decades and as a member of the club since 1967, this year's "Good Guy" award winner is Bruce Donahue.  Bruce's notable exploits on behalf of the BoSox Club include:

The 2012 Ted Williams stamp that was the result of Bruce's multi-year effort coordinating between the Boston Red Sox, the United States Postal Service and the Williams family.Memorabilia gate-keeper:  Bruce's purchasing, collecting signatures and inventorying items such as baseballs, bats, hats to be used at club raffles, have raised tens of thousands of dollars.Bruce's management of the annual spring training tickets is a multifold, time consuming task that he has handled on behalf of the club for many years.Bruce's instrumental role and his liaison relationship with Red Sox management have contributed mightily in organizing special guests and players at BoSox Club luncheons.Bruce took the early lead in organizing the military service members to be honored at BoSox Club luncheons and initiated the relationship with sponsors to cover the cost of military personnel to attend the luncheons.As goodwill ambassador for the BoSox Club, Bruce has acted for decades as liaison with the Cape Cod League, the Pawtucket Red Sox, Jimmy Fund and Red Sox management; and helped establish the BoSox Club plaque at the Fenway Park entrance, as well as chairing the St. Anslem's Scholarship Committee on behalf of the Dimaggio family and the BoSox Club.

Bruce's character and personality always enlightens his fellow BoSox Club directors and members with the expression, "there's always another spring coming along, another summer afternoon and evening at Fenway and another time at bat that gives another chance for the big hit."

With warm gratitude and great appreciation, the BoSox Club proudly presents the Bill Brooks "Good Guy" Award to our friend, Bruce Donahue.

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