Board Members and Presidents

Over the years, the BoSox Club leadership has been fortunate to include a collection of dedicated and loyal members who have donated their time to be part of our Board and help steer our organization. These uniquely talented individuals have left their imprint on our wonderful organization and for that, we say a very heartfelt, "thank you."  Read some testimonials of why they became involved with the club.

2020 Board Officers

Rick Leco
2022-2024 President, Assistant Treasurer

Debbie Courteau, 1st Vice President, Asst. Secretary

TBD, 2nd Vice President

Frank Fiorentino, Treasurer

Joel Leonard, Secretary

Beth Donahue Smith, Executive Secretary

Jim Parker, Past President

2022 Board of Directors

Roger Cummings, Director

Mike Curtis, Director

Scott Cyr, Director

Bruce Donahue, Director




Paul Marrotta - Director

Steve Merritt, Director

Amy Pickering, Director

Bob RousselDirector

Mike Vining, Director



Past BoSox Club Presidents

Dom DiMaggio 1967-68

Brad Jernegan 1969-70

Ted Lepcio 1971-72

Bob Cheyne 1973-74

Harry Carlson 1975-76

Clarence March 1977-78

John Busfield 1979-80

Carlo Lagrotteria 1981-82

Jerry Jernegan 1983-84

Lee Cummings 1985-86

George Berardi 1987-88

Frank Geischecker 1989-90

Tom Feenan 1991-92

Tim Dugal 1993-94

Dick Vaughan 1995-96

Craig MacNaught 1997-98

Bill Brooks 1999-2000

Jim Hackett 2001-02

Cheri Giffin 2003-04

Ed Keohane 2005-06

Bruce Donahue 2007-08

Joel Leonard 2009-10

Steven Dukeman 2011-12

Paul Shorthose 2013-14

Steve Hollingsworth 2015-16

Mike Vining 2017-18



 ~  Ernest Paicopolos, 2012 BoSox 2nd Vice President

During the 2003 season, at a particularly exciting Sox game at Fenway, I was tapped on the shoulder by two BoSox Club members sitting behind me in Section 30. They suggested that, since I was so intensely rooting for the team, I should probably consider joining the club. I asked for more information and they told me about the luncheons and the special focus on charitable contributions.They gave me their names (you needed to be sponsored by two members back then), and I applied for membership. This is the kind of one-on-one passion for the Sox that so exemplifies the BoSox Club. Two guys who wanted to extend the special benefits of membership to a total stranger. I'm thrilled to be able to serve the Club on the Board and help contribute to its tremendous charitable efforts. I'm glad I got that tap on the shoulder.

 ~ David Hornfischer,  2012 BoSox Club Director

 I was honored to be added as a director of the BoSox club which is such a great vehicle for real Sox fans to get more directly involved with the Sox and work with the community to expand the Sox outreach. The clubs vents are a unique way to  be involved with the Sox along with equally passionate fans. The clubs activities also provide a great way for members to have fun while supporting many charities such as the The Red Sox  Foundation, The Jimmy Fund and The Foundation to be Named Later. I wish I had joined it years ago!

The BoSox Club has provided a tremendous opportunity for me to meet fellow red sox and baseball fans. The monthly luncheons are entertaining, informative and I enjoy getting to know the Red Sox players at events and hearing their perspective on the games and season. The BoSox Club is a fun way to help support and raise funds for important charitable causes such as The Red Sox Foundation. The BoSox Club is a must for any Red Sox fan who wants to know more about the team and get to know the players and organization.

  ~ Paul Marotta,   2012 BoSox Club Director

I am a avid life long Red Sox fan and since the BoSox Club is the largest and most active fan club in all of Major League baseball, it was a natual fit for me to become a member.  The BoSox Club offers true value to its members with monthly luncheons with Red Sox players, BBQs at Fenway Park, Family Day at Fenway Park and a free copy of the current year Boston Red Sox Media Guide.  In addition, the BoSox Spring Training activities are spectacular with availability of tickets to all home games.  And last but certainly not least, the BoSox Club offers the opportunity to meet other avid Red Sox fans at BoSox activities which is truly alot of fun and enjoyment.

After four years as an active member, I was elected to the Board of Directors and for sure, that was a dream come true.  It has been a very rewarding experience to serve on the Board and being associated with some of the most dedicated and hard working individuals I have ever saw.  Now I know why the BoSox Club is the #1 fan club in America and would encourage anyone who loves baseball and has a passion for the Red Sox to join in this organization.

  ~ Michael L. Price,  2012 BoSox Club Director

I joined the BoSox Club several years ago so that my family and I could have the opportunity to attend Red Sox related events where you could actually meet and speak to the players and team personnel.  Some of the events such as the barbeques and preferred tickets to the Baseball Writer’s Dinner gave us terrific access.  I was excited when I was asked to sit on the Board because it allowed me more involvement  in two critical aspects of the club: Family access to Red Sox events and utilizing the great local passion for the Red Sox to promote and raise funds for related charities like the Red Sox Foundation, The Jimmy Fund, The Foundation to be Named Later and The PanMass Challenge. This is a great organization that serves many purposes!

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